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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Pretends to Be Canadian When He Travels

The following has been adapted from Corey Taylor’s new book America 51: A Probe into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country in the World,” out August 8 on Da Capo Press. You can purchase it here.

I have long been a fan of history—not a student, but a fan. I’ve read so many books that I might have carcinogens from library dust. I’ve watched documentaries until my eyes have turned Technicolor. I have dragged my family to so many battlefields and historic “points of interest” that they now check around potential vacation spots to make sure I can’t take them anywhere that is—and this is quoting my niece, by the way—”boring as whale shit and smells like an old church.” So yes, I am a fan of history because I am a fan of stories in general, and what is history really except the stories from the past, ready and willing to help us shape our future? I mean ye gads (I never get to say that), it’s in the damn name itself! HI-STORY! Where are we without it?

What do we do without it? What happens when we forget the lessons it has tried to show us? Even as a fan of history, I have always tried to temper my enthusiasm for our past with a respect for the tragedies it has beheld as well, realizing that death and loss have always gone hand-in-hand with life and victory. They say, “to the victor, the spoils.” I say, “to the savvy, the subtleties.” …

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