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Life in the era of cameras, cameras everywhere

There was an impassioned plea from a student in the DC area published in the Washington Post this week which caught my attention. Natalie De Vincenzi notes a number of tales of horror coming from Metro riders – young women in particular – who have experienced assaults of various types while riding the mass transit system, including one recent rape which took place on an otherwise empty subway car. There’s one relatively simple and not terribly expensive solution which could improve the situation in Natalie’s opinion and it’s cameras in all of the Metro cars.

Unfortunately, I have been harassed on Metro by a group of teenagers who threw objects at me. One recent day, I was listening to music when panic set in because I noticed I was the only person in my train car. Remembering that only a few weeks prior a woman alone in a Metro car allegedly was held at knifepoint and raped, I feared the same fate. At every stop, I panicked: fearful of who could get on, who I could be locked inside with until we reached the next stop, and God forbid the possibility of holding momentarily in a dark tunnel… …

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