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Second-grader attacked three students with kitchen knife he brought to school

A second-grader in Minnesota injured three children with a kitchen knife he brought to school.

What happened?

Police responded quickly to a 911 call at Pleasantview Elementary School in Sauk Rapids at 7:15 a.m. Monday.

In less than a minute, the boy attacked the students who were in first, fourth and seventh grades, WCCO-TV reported.

“An 8-year-old student had come to school with a kitchen knife and cut three children in the hallway at random,� Police Chief Perry Beise said.

Then the child walked on his own to the school office where he put the knife down.

Two of the three injured children had cuts to the back of the head and needed stitches, but police said the injuries were minor.

“I don’t think he had an intended target when he came to school with a knife. We’re not sure exactly why he came to school with a knife,� Beise said.

Authorities took the boy to the police station and released him to his parents.

“Hopefully, he will receive some treatment,� Beise said.

What did the district say?

The district notified parents about the incident in an email.

“In situations like this the District’s discipline policy is applied and aggressive students are not allowed in the building(s),� the email said.

Will anyone face charges?

The boy will not face criminal charges since he’s under the age of 10 and there’s no indication that the child’s parents will face charges, police said.

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