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Is Trump Screwing With Your Immune System? Yes

Is Trump Screwing With Your Immune System?  Yes

Perhaps your doctor hasn’t mentioned it, but you have Behavioral Immune Syndrome (BIS). And so does everyone else, and so do most animals on Earth, and BIS can lead to deadly consequences.

BIS has noble biological origins and applications, though. In laymen’s terms, it is among the first line of defense in our immune system. Before calling our white blood cells into action, we are hardwired with a fear and repulsion of the “other” and inclined to see it as a pathogen or a threat. When these threats are perceived, it tells us they can be dangerous and should be avoided or disposed of.

Research has linked BIS to xenophobia and fear of obesity, disfigurement and sexuality as well as social conservatism and general intolerance – even when intolerance has no empirical justification and poses no immediate threat.

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