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Jake Tapper Shuts Down Trump’s Nazi Apologist: ‘How Many Did The Counter-Protesters Kill?’

Jake Tapper Shuts Down Trump's Nazi Apologist: 'How Many Did The Counter-Protesters Kill?'

CNN host Jake Tapper called out White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert on Sunday because Donald Trump had refused to specifically condemn a so-called alt-Right rally with self-styled Nazis after an alleged white supremacist with the group appeared to run over a group of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring 19.

By Sunday, reports said that at least three people had died in what many officials are describing as a domestic terrorist incident.

During a short conversation with reporters on Saturday, Trump blamed the violence “on many sides, on many sides.” The president, however, did not call out the white nationalists directly.

Tapper pointed out that Trump “didn’t go far enough” in his condemnation of the rally.

“He believes that all Americans should have a conversation and an open debate on this matter,” Bossert opined. “This violence cannot stand. He made that clear yesterday.”

According to Bossert, not everyone who participated in the white supremacist rally is a racist.

“I’m sure there were good people,” he insisted, “that had various opinions on the maintenance or the removal of the statue. But what they found when they showed up were groups showed up from both sides looking for trouble, dressed in riot gear, prepared for violence.”

“How many people did the counter-protesters kill yesterday, Mr. Bossert?” Tapper quipped.

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