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CNN host Anthony Bourdain jokes that he’d serve hemlock for Trump and Kim Jong-un

CNN’s Anthony Bourdain, who hosts the cooking show “Party Unknown,” was recently caught on camera saying that he’d serve hemlock to President Trump and Kim Jong-un if forced to cook for the pair.

The video was reported by TMZ, which has made serious moves into the political media spectrum in recent years. In the video, a cameraman stops Bourdain at an airport and manages to rapid-fire questions at the host, asking about Kim Jong-un, Trump and Twitter. At one point, the paparazzi asks, “if Trump and Kim Jong-un were going to have a [meal] to mend relations, and they wanted you to cook, what would you serve?” Bourdain responds “hemlock.”

Watch the video

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When Fox reached out to Bourdain for comment, he stated that he mean to say he’d cook kale, not hemlock. This is just the latest political media story that TMZ has sunk in to. On Saturday, the celebrity gossip website was among the first to report on the death of former Fox personality Eric Bolling’s son’s death. They initially claimed that Bolling’s only child took his own life; however, they’ve since deleted that story in favor of another piece stating that the 19-year-old overdosed. TMZ owner Harvey Levin is preparing to host a show on Fox News this fall.

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