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Paul Ryan Can’t Spin The ‘DACA Agreement’ Fast Enough

So Paul Ryan goes before the cameras this morning and bravely pretends he wasn’t taken for a big ol’ ride by Nancy, Chuck, and…what’s his name again?

And the problem is two-fold: no one trusts Trump anymore, anywhere, ever. And at the same time the Trump White House is (heh heh) reminding America constantly that he and he alone is the head of the Republican Party.


But it’s Paul Ryan’s Job to spin this, and so spin he did:

PAUL RYAN: There is no agreement. The president and the chief of staff called me from Air Force One today to discuss what was discussed. And it was a discussion, not an agreement or a negotiation. Let me say a couple of things I’ve been saying for weeks. The president and I have been talking about this for weeks. You cannot fix DACA without fixing the root cause of our problem.

We do not have control — operational control of our border, making sure we have border security and enforcement so we can solve the problems facing our country. So I see a solution, one, as something that has the president’s support that our country can get behind because we will do this in conjunction with the president.

ANDREA MITCHELL: And Paul Ryan trying to reassure the base that they are still in control of the agenda. They’re going to negotiate a compromise with Democrats.
Garrett Haake. what is Nancy Pelosi saying today about this meeting last night?

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