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Jeanine Pirro Calls Comey ‘The Ultimate Liar,’ While Ignoring Trump’s Lies

Jeanine Pirro, who spent decades married to a reputed mobster who went to jail for tax fraud and got herself in trouble for allegedly trying to bug his boat, spent eight and a half minutes ranting about former FBI Director James Comey’s lack of morals.

Comey, of course, has a book coming out Tuesday, A Higher Loyalty, and is engaging in a media blitz of criticism of Trump. Pirro, meanwhile, seems to be in a tight race with Sean Hannity for Biggest Trump Lackey On Fox News.

Here are a few of Pirro’s ravings from the opening monologue of her show Saturday night:

PIRRO: Truth, lies and leadership? Really? Talk about an oxymoron, Jim. You’re the ultimate liar.


You say the president is unethical while you turned a well-respected agency into a haven of organized criminal conspirators at the top echelon. Your book, Jim, isn’t about leadership, it’s about butt kissing. Like when you were struck by the way Barack Obama could see and evaluate a variety of angles and complicated issues, his insight and ability to connect with an audience. Yeah, right, Jim. Barack’s really bright, like when he bragged about traveling to all 57 states. The guy is running for president and he thinks there are 57 states?


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