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Stormy’s Lawyer Taunts Trump: ‘You Might Fire Mueller, But You Can’t Fire Me’

Yeah the taunt is a bit of lawyer posturing, but the rest of it is significant. Michael Avenatti had two points to make to Donald Trump on Monday’s ‘Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.’

It’s a significant bombshell that now that the FBI has raided Michael Cohen’s records, any conversations he might have with Donald Trump are a conflict of interest, because those conversations can be brought into the Stormy Daniels case as discoverable evidence.

As Avenatti says, “the days of Michael Cohen being Mr. Trump’s lawyer, at least for the foreseeable future, are over.”


MICHAEL AVENATTI: There are two points that I wanted to make. In light of this search warrant today and the action by the FBI, there is no question that from this point forward Michael Cohen cannot represent Donald Trump. That is a nonwaivable conflict of interest at this point. So to the extent, he was Donald Trump’s lawyer, as of this morning moments before the FBI raided his office, that ceased to be the case the moment after they raided the door. That’s a conflict of interest. It’s nonwaivable. So the days of Michael Cohen being Mr. Trump’s lawyer, at least for the foreseeable future, are over. That’s number one. I think it’s an important point because what it means is their level of communication is going to have to end or be drastically reduced because otherwise, that would be discoverable with our case or the criminal investigation.

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