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Thug Life: Trump Ordered DOJ To Hire His Personal Spy

Thug Life: Trump Ordered DOJ To Hire His Personal Spy

Remember Ezra Cohen-Watnick? The guy who handed Devin Nunes classified documents so he could run to the White House? Welcome Ezra to the DOJ.

After being fired from the White House, Ezra apparently put himself on ice until this week when Donald Trump ordered Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III to hire him as a “national security adviser” to Sessions, according to a Bloomberg News report.

Sure, sure. We all know this is nothing more than Trump putting his personal spy inside the DOJ in the hopes he can procure some more cool documents about the Mueller investigation.

Even though it is not standard practice for any agency to hire someone who has been FIRED from the White House, Sessions agreed after Trump demanded it, according to the report.

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