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‘Words Matter’: Hallie Jackson Calls Out Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim As A Lie

Today’s White House press briefing featured lots of unanswered questions about Syria, a few about Facebook, and one about Trump’s voter fraud lie from his speech last week.

Jackson wasn’t shy about calling it out as false, either. She asked, “What about the voter fraud claim the president made last week as well, also not backed up by evidence?”

Huckabee Sanders demurred, pretending not to have heard the question.

“Voter fraud, something he repeatedly brought up,” Jackson repeated. “Just getting to the idea of words matter, particularly when live under international pressure, like this moment right now.”

As is her habit , Huckabee Sanders went straight into defensive mode, making sure to point the finger away from Trump’s ridiculous claims.

“The president believed there was a large amount of voter fraud and attempted to do a review of it a lot of states didn’t want to participate,” she mewled. “There were instances reported but we can’t be exactly sure how much because we were not able to conduct the stats the president wanted because a number of states didn’t want to participate.”

This is because there was none, and the only fraud was Kris Kobach claiming otherwise.

But this is Donald Trump we are talking about, and he is a man who relies on his feels, whether right or wrong. Don’t believe me? Check out this tweet sent early this morning:

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