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Let’s see how well a bunch of adults remember cursive


How long has it been since you wrote in cursive? 

Even if loops and curlicues were the bane of your existence in elementary school, probably a while. Thanks to Common Core and the ubiquity of typing, penmanship has become somewhat of a lost art, although it’s enjoying a renaissance in some states. Good thing, too — writing by hand is good for your iPhone brain.

But is cursive like riding a bike or do we forget it instantly like virtually anything we learned in high school math? To find out, we asked 11 adults with varying degrees of cursive experience to write the same sentence: “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.” This sentence is a pangram, so it contains each letter of the English alphabet — even the hard ones like “z” and “q.” There’s only one rule: no googling allowed. 😈 Read more…

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