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Amanda Bynes apparently has an unverified Twitter account and the tweets are as bizarre as ever

Amanda Bynes is still letting her freak flag fly on Twitter.

But instead of using her real name, Bynes has a pseudonym, Ashley Banks (@PersianLa27), that’s she’s been apparently tweeting from for years.

In 2014, Jezebel speculated that Bynes was using the secret account to refute tabloid reports about her. Fast forward two years and this account is still keeping up with the latest Bynes news, which makes us believe that this is in fact her account.

Earlier this month, Bynes went on a rampage when she learned that Ariana Grande would be playing the role of Penny in the upcoming television version of “Hairspray Live!” If you recall, Bynes played that same part in the 2007 reboot of the film.

“Wow, I can’t believe that @ArianaGrande would go behind my back & accept that role, & to think that I actually considered her a real friend!” she wrote.

Later, Bynes dug up an old tweet from 2009 (!!!) that Grande sent to her, writing, “hahahah i just died. Miss you:).”

Bynes added, “the tweet of a backstabber. I literally cannot believe that you would do this to me.”

Now that we’ve basically established that Ashley Banks is probably Amanda Bynes, let’s take a look at some of the recent craziness she has tweeted to the world.

Times apparently have been tough for her because she recently tweeted for fans to help her through some financial struggles.

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“Help a Jewish girl out!” she tweeted with a link to a GoFundMe page.

On the page, she explains that she needs the money to finance her education, “an ugly court bill from 2013” and her rent.

“Because of my beauty,  multiple people have restricted me to my own personal funds which get me through my day-to-day struggles that I am legally forced to deal with,” she wrote. “I am looking to raise a few dollars for school supplies ($400),  an ugly court bill from 2013 ($800) and rent!    Honestly, i didn’t wake up looking this gorgeous! It takes money!”

So far, she’s raised $515 out of her $4,000 goal.

When followers told her to get a job, she retaliated with “get a nose job. Maybe even lip injections and a facelift. YOU’RE WELCOME! ?.”

Oh, and there’s this:

Stay weird, Amanda.

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