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The ladies of “The View” definitely had some heated opinions about Bill Clinton’s “anti-feminist” DNC speech

Last night, Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and made a speech about his “girl,” presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Some critics, including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, exclaimed that because he referred to his wife as a “girl” several time in the speech, it was “not a feminist way to start.”

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Cue the ladies of “The View.” During Wednesday’s roundtable discussion, they tackled the topic and shared a lot of opinions about Bill Clinton, his marriage to Hillary Clinton and the politics behind it all.

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“I think it really humanized her. I loved that he called her his girl. I would love it if my husband said ‘my girl,’” Sunny Hostin said. “It just shows that they have been married over 40 years. I think it showed friendship, I think it showed a deep commitment and I think it showed a deep respect and admiration for her life’s work. And that was key.”

“It’s 2016. We’re not girls. We’re men,” Joy Behar joked.

After debating the timing that the Clintons met and Bill’s reasons behind calling Hillary a “girl,” Whoopi Goldberg had enough.

“What does it matter? I mean, my God! What does it matter?” she said. “He didn’t say ‘my bitch!’”

The audience applauded in agreement.

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Jedediah Bila said the speech made her remember why she liked Bill Clinton, but it was more about how he picked up a girl.

The ladies bantered about whether or not he listed her accomplishments, and they agreed that his speech completely changed Sara Haines’ opinion of Hillary Clinton.

“I didn’t know about a lot of what he talked about,” Haines started, admitting that she only saw the Clintons as career politicians. “Now, I see someone that was driven at an injustice in different places. And each time, she was like, ‘I’m going to go fix that.’”

Bila also said that she believes Bill Clinton will be a great advocate for Hillary Clinton “in the same way Michelle Obama was an advocate to President Obama.”

Some critics also criticized Bill Clinton for not discussing his own presidency and his highly publicized affairs, but Houstin had something else she wanted to say about that.

“Marriage is hard. Marriage is about compromise. Marriage is about forgiveness,” she said, calling out the Republican Party for its beliefs about family values. “Shouldn’t they think that this is a marriage that stuck it out after all of that?”

Goldberg also had some opinions on the matter.

“Bill and Hillary have been married for years,” Goldberg said, adding that opinionated people have used the affairs as leverage for years. “None of your business! They’re still together! Where’s your marriage!? Take care of your marriage!”

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