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The stars of “Bad Moms” confess their “bad” mom moments, and most moms can probably relate

Almost every mom (and dad) has had at least one “bad” parenting moment. That includes the stars of the new film “Bad Moms” — Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Annie Mumolo and Christina Applegate.

In an interview with, the celebrities talked about their own bad mom moments, and surprisingly (or not), they are pretty relatable.

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Annie Mumolo couldn’t decide on what “bad” mom moment to share because she has so many. She said she “always” feels like she is failing on some level.

Christina Applegate talked about how her child came in during the early hours of the morning and asked if she could have ice cream for breakfast. Applegate, not wanting to get out of bed just yet, said “yes” and told her to go downstairs and get it out of the freezer.

What Applegate didn’t tell her daughter was that the ice cream that she directed her child to was, in fact, a healthy treat. So, even in her “bad” moment, this star mom was still winning.

Kristen Bell revealed that she ignored her 18-month-old daughter while she pretended to be asleep for “30 to 40 minutes.” She finally heard her daughter ask for a “bar” and decided to relent. Bell got out of bed and gave her daughter the requested health bar from her purse; however, as soon as she gave the child the bar, she promptly went back to sleep.

Sleep is important, right? So, once again, winning.

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Kathryn Hahn said that her child has a pile of paper wads and duct tape that are “so important” to him. She desperately wants to throw them away, but if she dares to touch the pile, her son will get really upset. She said that sometimes she “edits” the pile, but he always notices, and she has to run out to the trash and search for her child’s prized wads of paper.

What mom hasn’t wanted to “edit” her child’s arts and crafts pile? We’ll just chalk this up to a “normal” mom moment.

Applegate also made sure to point out that none of these are actually “bad” mom moments because most moms are in “survival mode,” so those little extras that get them through are just mom moments.

Have you ever had a “bad” mom moment? Let us know your moments in the Facebook comments below this post.

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