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‘Twin Peaks’ Inches Closer to Agent Cooper’s Return

This week on Twin Peaks, everything’s starting to come out of the woodwork—except whatever’s in the woodwork at the Great Northern, making that noise. But we can trust at this point that it’ll probably come out too, though there’s no guarantee we’ll recognize it when it does.

First, those pages of Laura Palmer’s diary have come… well, not out of the woodwork, but out of the metalwork of the bathroom stall. In those diary pages, Laura describes a dream message from Annie Blackburn saying that Dale was trapped in the Black Lodge—25 years before he went in. Hawk reckons it was Leland who stuffed the pages inside the stall door: They implied that Laura knew the identity of her tormentor and eventual killer, and “he found them and knew that she knew.” Now that they’ve finally surfaced, Hawk can start putting things together: “If the good Cooper is in the Lodge and can’t come out, then the one who came out of the Lodge with Annie that night… was not the good Cooper.” Master tracker Hawk may have slowed down a little in his old age, but he’s on the case. …

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