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11 Amazing Smoothie Bowl Recipes To Boost Your Health Every Day

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Smoothies are my all time favorites and I am sure it’s not just me. Who doesn’t love smoothie bowls? They are nutrient-dense, easy to prepare, visually appealing and they can be made with any of the foods you happen to have in your pantry. A smoothie bowl is perfect before a workout, post-workout, as a breakfast, brunch or snack. They seem to be a universal wonder-meal.


A balanced smoothie bowl contains:

  • 1-2 parts greens
  • 1 part fruits
  • 1 part protein
  • 1 part healthy fats
  • superfoods

You can also add ice and a liquid, such as milk. As you can see, smoothie bowls are highly versatile. You can toss in whatever you have in your kitchen at the moment for a healthy and quick meal. Each time you make a bowl, it can be made differently. Here are a thousand ways to make a smoothie bowl.

1. Blackberry Avocado Coconut Smoothie Bowl

This recipe uses blackberries, avocado, kumqats and jam. If you are not sure what kumquats are, you will be happy to find out they are great for losing weight and they promote cell health.

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2. Acai Berry

In this smoothie bowl, there is a lot more green than you can imagine, so it’s perfect for your detox program.


3. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

The Dragon Fruit or Pitaya has multiple health benefits. This recipe is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the pitaya and a delicious mix of other fruits.


4. Parsley Pear and Barley Grass Smoothie Bowl

Barley grass and parsley are not probably the first ingredients you think of for your smoothie bowl, but this recipe is loaded with vitamins, proteins and fibres. You must surely try this out.


5. Turmeric Avocado Banana Smoothie Bowl

Turmeric is known to fight inflammation, which makes it perfect against arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. When you suffer from a sore ankle, try this delicious smoothie bowl recipe to soothe your pain.

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6. Chia Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

This recipe shows the perfect contrast between the smoothie texture of coconut milk and the crunch of chia and sesame seeds. All of these are known to be extremely beneficial for your health.


7. Beet Smoothie Bowl

Most people have a hard time using beet in their diet, so here is some inspiration. The color of this bowl is definitely out of the Pantone list.


8. Persimmon Avocado Smoothie Bowl

This is a highly creative recipe which includes persimmons, avocado, chia and almond butter, creating a high protein smoothie bowl.


9. Superfoods Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie almost crosses the rule of quantities when it comes to superfoods: there are so many in this bowl!


10. Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowls are vegan friendly meals, but this one is the ultimate vegan smoothie bowl. It has hemp seeds, almond butter and chia, as well as acai and papaya – just what you need before a workout.


11. Green Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl

This one is proof of just how versatile smoothie bowls can be. Green tea and lime pie in a smoothie bowl!


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