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5 Signs You Might Be a Hypochondriac and What to Do About It


If every kind of pain sends you into a state of panic, then you need to consider the fact that you might be a hypochondriac. Most of us can relate to the desire to resort to Google and check weird symptoms, and doing that from time to time is completely normal. But, if your health is all you can think about and that completely overwhelms you, it can become a serious problem.

Hypochondria, or illness anxiety disorder, is defined as excessive worrying that you may become or are seriously ill. This is not just the occasional worry over a real problem; it is a form of anxiety that consumes you and makes you constantly monitor your body, which leads to frequent trips to the doctor. By constantly worrying about your health, it can really affect your emotional well-being, but also other areas of your life. It can cause you problems at work, destroy your relationships and create financial problems.

So, before you start calling yourself a hypochondriac, set aside a couple of minutes to see if you find yourself in the list below and, if you do, find out what you can do about it.

You Worry All the Time That You Are Going To Get Sick

Even if you feel just fine, the thought that something might happen to you is as sickening as the real thing. If one of your fiends just came down with the flu, you are convinced that you are going to get it too, and when you offer to bring them something to help them out, you are secretly hoping that they will not accept it. It is possible that you can become so distressed about a possible illness that you won’t be able to function normally.

You Convince Yourself That Minor Health Issues Are Actually Horrible Diseases


People who have an illness anxiety disorder are very sensitive about their bodies, and this is not necessarily a good thing. It is very normal to feel little pains and aches during the day, but hypochondriacs always immediately assume the worst. So, rather than seeing their body functions as variable, which can sometimes involve occasional discomfort like headaches, dizziness and nausea, hypochondriacs believe that if everything is not functioning perfectly, this represents a sign of a horrible disease. It is normal to be conscious of your body, but it is not normal to constantly worry about being ill.

You Are Constantly Googling Your Symptoms

Doing research on some weird body symptoms is okay, but rushing to your computer every time you feel a slight pain is not very healthy. Hypochondriacs frequently cross the line of informing themselves to being obsessive. Just think about the last time you went on Google; chances are that you sent yourself down a rabbit hole of Wiki pages and symptom checkers and, in the end, you convinced yourself that you had a life threatening disease.

We do not deny that it is important to be informed when your health is at stake, but next time you Google your symptoms, try to remind yourself about all that necessary anxiety you will be creating, and try to save all of your questions for your doctor’s appointment.

Even If the Doctor Says There Is Nothing Wrong With You, You Keep Worrying

You have just returned from the doctor where you have received a clean bill of health, but even that did not managed to shake off your anxiety. Illness anxiety disorder includes a persistent fear of an illness, even when there is reassurance from a health care provider. Hypochondriacs need constant reassurance that they are perfectly healthy and they often take their worries from the doctor’s appointment to their friends. In many cases, all they talk about is their health, only because of their constant fear which totally consumes them.

You Always Want To Hear a Second Opinion


Since people with illness anxiety disorder are never convinced that there is nothing wrong with them, they always want to hear a second, third or even fourth opinion. They believe that doctors have missed something, or that they need another scan or test to prove they are not sick. Some hypochondriacs even shop around for doctors until they are able to find the one who will agree with them.

These constant visits to the doctor can really affect your family, work and social life. People will pull away from you because they will get tired of listening to you talking about your health. Not to mention the financial problems, since the costs of these scans and tests, as well as the time off from work, can add up really fast.

If you have found yourself while reading some or all of these symptoms, it is likely that you may be a hypochondriac. This condition appears equally in both females and males and can start from anywhere between your teenage years to mid adulthood. There are some theories that state that this happens because a person had overprotective parents who made a big deal of minor health complaints in their childhood.

One possible way to treat this condition is to understand that you will deserve and have all the love and attention you need without the need for being sick. You can also turn to therapy, which will help you reduce the “doctor shopping”, and research has shown that individual cognitive behavioral therapy has also proven to be effective.

So, if after all the screens and tests, your doctor refers you to a psychologist to help you address the psychological nature of this condition, do not take this referral as a sign of the doctor’s incompetence; look at it as professional medical advice which will help you deal with this extremely stressful condition.

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