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Tip #3: Eat For Radiant Skin



Most commonly seen in the pharmacy in the vitamins aisle! But why take a supplement when you can easily find zinc in everyday foods and add it to your diet? Zinc is a great contributor to healthy skin and upping your intake will show immediate results to your skin, way more than any expensive serum will.

There are many foods that are rich in zinc so it’s easy to ingest some everyday, also you will have a more varied diet. Zinc is found in fish, chicken, lean red meat, cereals, nuts, shellfish, and seeds. See…it’s everywhere!

  • Make a delicious mid week meal with lean red meat like bolognese or chilli
  • Add seeds to your salad
  • Have a mid afternoon snack of nuts

Easy…incorporating zinc into your daily diet can be done without too much of a change!

Why it matters?

Zinc is needed for the normal function of the skin’s sebaceous glands. These are the glands that produce oil. This oil is used to repair any skin damage that may occur and also to keep the skin both soft and supple.These are all very important requirements for healthy skin, so including it in your diet is paramount.

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