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Rev. Barber: Trumpvangelicals are using faith to bring us to the brink of nuclear war

When the Rev. Robert Jeffress declared this week that “God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,” many who grew up in Sunday School struggled to square the teaching of the president’s favorite pastor with the words of Jesus. How could the One who taught “love your enemies” be understood to endorse nuclear holocaust? Jeffress thinks his declaration is self-evident, which only highlights the fact that religious extremism could destroy the world as we know it. Long accused of extremism themselves, our Muslim neighbors are right to ask, who radicalized Rev. Jeffress and his fellow Trumpvangelicals?

While few white evangelicals are as extreme as Jeffress, the roots of the reactionary Christian nationalism we are witnessing in America go back to this nation’s original sin of genocide and race-based slavery. The violence required to steal this land from Native Americans and build an economy on stolen labor was not only un-Christian, it was inhuman. Yet people of faith suppressed their conscience, rejected the plain reading of Scripture that teaches of the God of justice releasing slavery and letting the oppressed go free, and silenced their prophets for generations, hardening their hearts against the very truth that could have set them free. We deceive ourselves if we believe that America has healed from this spiritual wound. We carry it with us always. …

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