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Why Obamacare struggles in some counties

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace is not imploding. As the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Drew Altman pointed out, the ACA stability crisis is a matter of perspective. To understand how the marketplace is doing, you’d need to look state by state or perhaps county by county to more accurately assess. A tweet can’t contextualize this.

In broad strokes, most ACA beneficiaries will go unaffected by 2018 premium hikes and have at least one insurer option. When insurance companies raise 2018 premiums, most ACA beneficiaries will go unaffected due to federal assistance; 8.7 million people on the exchange receive premium subsidies and 5.1 million do not. Of the 3,141 counties in the United States, 17 counties are at risk of having no insurers participate in 2018; that’s 9,595 people. (According to insurance companies, they’ve raised rates largely because the Trump Administration has threatened to withhold subsidy payments and not enforce the individual mandate.) …

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