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This Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Is Helping Clean Up After Irma

After Hurricane Irma finished barreling through Florida—leaving battered homes, toppled trees, and snapped cranes in its wake—an off-duty cop in Miami headed into a local neighborhood to check out the damage. As he ambled down a street littered with fallen trees, he stumbled across a bizarre sight: a nun, in full-on habit and veil, going to town on a massive tree with a chainsaw.

This was none other than Sister Margaret Ann, a principal at a local Catholic high school hellbent on cleaning up some of the storm’s damage to her neighborhood however she could. After witnessing a near car accident thanks to some fallen debris and a muddy road, she sprang into action, grabbing a few chainsaws that she remembered had been stashed away in the school’s closet for some reason. …

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