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Adm. Mullen ‘Extremely Concerned’ Over ‘Strong Rhetoric’ Between U.S. And North Korea

Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, told NBC News that the heated rhetoric coming from North Korea and the U.S. “has taken away options — for leaders to make decisions.”

Mullen joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press to discuss the volatile situation with Kim Jong-un.

Todd asked, “How concerned are you right now with the situation between the rhetoric and all of that? How concerned are you and how concerned should we be as American citizens about this situation?”

Mullen said, “Well, I’m really concerned, because I don’t know where this goes in terms of a peaceful resolution. It’s an incredibly difficult, complex problem, and we have rhetoric, some very strong rhetoric, coming from both North Korea, as well as from the United States. And that rhetoric, it seems to me, has taken away options or its reduced maneuver space, if you will, for leaders to make decisions. So I am extremely concerned…”

Mullen said that China has to come into play so the rift “can be resolved politically, diplomatically through negotiations to ensure that we don’t have a military conflict that could just get out of control.”

Todd asked, “You said you’re concerned the rhetoric has limited options. What options are you concerned that the president has eliminated with his rhetoric?”

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