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Seb Gorka Lies About His Own Words, Calls It ‘Fake News 101’

After criticizing Rex Tillerson on the BBC, a foreign news network, Sebastian Gorka then backtracked and blamed the “fake media” for lying about HIS OWN WORDS.

We do have the audio, Seb.

In an interview on Fox News, when asked by Elizabeth Claman to comment on his attacks on the Secretary of State, he replied, “Never said that.”

Gorka also claims to have the audio and still denied that by saying it was ” the idea that Secretary Tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical,” was a slight on the SOS in any way.

Claman, “Well there’s audio of you saying the word “nonsensical.”

Gorka, “I have the audio. I have the audio as well, thank you.”

Claman, “So you’re denying that you said it’s inappropriate, perhaps, for Rex Tillerson to have told the American people to calm down?”

Gorka, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

Throughout the interview, to defend himself from his own words, Gorka kept attacking the media for daring to ask Tillerson about North Korea and “forcing him to answer,” as if he’s not qualified to comment on foreign affairs as Secretary of State.

It was very weird, to say the least.

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