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Silicon Valley’s Hot New Startup Is a Vending Machine for the Rich

In big cities like New York or LA, there are a ton of little shops—sometimes called “bodegas” or “delis”—that sell late-night snacks, groceries, the occasional breakfast sandwich, beer, cigarettes, diapers, lotto tickets, tampons, and other miscellaneous items. They’re often the only independent business on gentrifying blocks full of banks and chains. Lots of them are owned and run by immigrants; many have cats lurking in them somewhere.

Now imagine if you could fulfill your basic corner store needs without ever leaving the comfort of your home or having the burden of interacting with a human being. Imagine if there were a machine in the lobby of your apartment building that could dispense the items normally sold at a corner store, rendering the traditional marketplace a thing of the past, and bringing us even closer to turning into those humans from WALL-E. That’s the idea for Bodega, a “concept” founded by two Google veterans that, as described by Fast Company, “sets up five-foot-wide pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store.” …

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