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A weatherman is backtracking after he said the DNC was “parading the mothers of slain thugs”

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia invited some of the mothers whose sons and daughters died in officer-related shootings, in police custody or as a result of gun violence to be a part of “Mothers of the Movement.” The presentation was designed to highlight a need for policing reforms in the country.

Though several saw the moment as powerful, others took issue.

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One person who had a problem with the presentation was Bob Goosmann, KRLD-AM’s chief meteorologist:

He wrote, “As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve stayed away from politics on FB. The DNC parading the mothers of slain thugs around on their stage has me furious.”

Originally reported by Dallas Morning News, Goosmann maintained that the comment was not a racial one: “I used the word thugs in my post, but I thought a thug was just a violent person. The definition of thug does not mention any race.”

Goosmann said that he did not mean any disrespect to the mothers in a statement found in

Despite this, he resigned from his position.

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(H/T TheBlaze)

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