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At DNC, Elizabeth Warren proves she’s no different than Donald Trump

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren took the stage at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia last night. She gave a speech that harshly denounced Donald Trump’s character, but also revealed that she’s just as dangerous as he is.

Warren’s nearly 20-minute-long address railed against both Trump and wealthy people in general, along with big business, banks, and oil companies. The only difference between her demagoguery and Trump’s demagoguery is that they blame different scapegoats.

For example, she accused Trump of dividing Americans along racial and religious lines, only seconds before pitting Americans against big business:

“Divide and Conquer” is an old story in America. Dr. Martin Luther King knew it. After his march from Selma to Montgomery, he spoke of how segregation was created to keep people divided. Instead of higher wages for workers, Dr. King described how poor whites in the South were fed Jim Crow, which told a poor white worker that, “No matter how bad off he was, at least he was a white man, better than the black man.” Racial hatred was part of keeping the powerful on top.

And now Trump and his campaign have embraced it all. Racial hatred. Religious bigotry. Attacks on immigrants, on women, on gays. A deceitful and ugly blame game that says, whatever worries you, the answer is to blame that other group, and don’t put any energy into making real change.

When we turn on each other, bankers can run our economy for Wall Street, oil companies can fight off clean energy, and giant corporations can ship the last good jobs overseas.

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Who benefits when voters succumb to Warren’s siren song of class warfare? People like Elizabeth Warren, who wouldn’t otherwise be relevant in American politics.

For example, Warren proposed and helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2011. The agency’s job is to “make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans” and it came as a result of the perception that the banks and Wall Street are screwing people.

The CFPB has had a troubled five years so far. It has been busted for wasting taxpayer money on its headquarters, including a $207 million renovation. It’s also been accused of violating equal pay laws for women and engaging in racial bias against minority-owned businesses. Finally, the CFPB collects nearly as much personal data as the NSA. Warren wouldn’t have this power as a senator if she hadn’t whipped up the flames of class warfare.

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Warren, who profited off foreclosed properties before the housing crash, attacked Trump for scamming his workers and customers. Warren, who claimed false Native American ancestry, decried the pitting of whites against blacks and Latinos. Warren, who opposes Airbnb despite the fact it benefits the middle class, attacked Trump for wanting lower taxes.

Elizabeth Warren is Donald Trump in a dress. She’s nothing more than a demagogue who rails against abstract targets in order to expand her power. If we’re going to reject Trump (and we should) we have to reject Warren as well.

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