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Cue the waterworks: David Axelrod almost in tears after Obama’s DNC speech

President Obama gave a rousing 30 minutes speech Wednesday night in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.

The speech harkened back to his 2008 campaign days, using language to inspire Americans to get out and vote for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Following the speech, CNN turned to their panel of liberal political commentators to weigh in on the night, starting with former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod, who was nearly in tears.

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Host Anderson Cooper points out that the speech is “almost Reagan-esque.”

“I love the man,” Axelrod opens, and you can hear the quiver in his voice. “And I’ve been with him for a long time. And I walked into Boston with him 12 years ago and we’ve been on this wonderful journey and the reason that I was so attracted to him is because in those big moments, he was able to rise up and speak about what is so great about this country.

“And when the country most needed it and this was a big moment — we’re in the midst of a very difficult, acrimonious campaign, and he lifted this room up and I think he lifted the country up with this speech. And I’m sure, Jeffrey, you felt the same way when you heard Ronald Reagan speak. So I’m just very, very proud of him tonight.”

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The panel next turned to former senior Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer.

“I got the opportunity to watch the speech tonight with a lot of people who began the journey with him in 2007. It was emotional to think about 12 years ago he gave the speech, changed the direction of his life and the country and about a decade ago he picked up a bunch of us to go on that ride with him…Like the speech, start with nostalgia but recognize what the bigger fight is here. He could have made this 30 minutes about him but he didn’t do that. He focused on winning this election because ultimately he believes that his legacy will be cemented with one more victory.”

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