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Democratic Voters Reveal Which Issue Concerns Them More — Climate Change or Islamic State Terror

Voters attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week faced the question of which issue concerns them more — climate change or the Islamic State terrorist threat. And their answers fell in line with Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent claim that climate change is at least as dangerous as the threats posed by the Islamic State.

The conservative website the Daily Signal asked delegates and attendees of the convention which issue they believe poses a more significant threat to the U.S., and all of the respondents shown on the video were more concerned about climate change.

“Climate change is about the planet. So we have to think about the planet first, right? And then we can talk about the other issues,” Marrgie Castellano of San Diego said.

Martha Hilderbrand of Bloomington, Indiana, added, “The threat of climate change is a certainty. ISIS isn’t going to be coming through the Philadelphia streets, but it has been a squelchingly hot week here.”

And John Perkins of Jeffersonville, Indiana, insisted that America will “deal with the terrorism issue” and “handle it well.”

“Climate change isn’t just now. It’s not just like ISIS is just now. We will deal with them, but if we don’t deal with climate change, out future is at threat, too,” Salt Lake City resident Edward Lalone said.

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