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Donald Trump wants Russia to hack Hillary Clinton but wants to execute Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden did America a service three years ago.

The National Security Agency has long spied on private citizens using intrusive methods previously unbeknownst to the public. When Congress asked NSA Chief Jim Clapper if his agency carried out such activity, he said no.

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NSA contractor Snowden knew Clapper was lying. So he told the world.

Donald Trump said Snowden should be executed for treason.

Now Trump is calling for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Which is kind of like, you know, treason.

The New York Times notes, “If Mr. Trump is serious in his call for Russian hacking or exposing Mrs. Clinton’s emails, he would be urging a power often hostile to the United States to violate American law by breaking into a private computer network.”

“He would also be contradicting the Republican platform, adopted last week in Cleveland,” notes the Times, “saying that cyberespionage ‘will not be tolerated,’ and promising to ‘respond in kind and in greater magnitude’ to all Chinese and Russian cyberattacks.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has been eager for other to hack into his enemies’ private information. He even said he might become a Snowden fan—if he could dig up dirt on Barack Obama.

So if you’re following: Trump believes Snowden revealing information in the name of protecting American citizens (that also led to an ongoing national debate about privacy rights) deserves execution, but, Trump using the same methods, or asking the Russians to use espionage methods on his behalf, should be encouraged.

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The Republican nominee is a man who obviously doesn’t comprehend basic notions of privacy or believe that there should be any limits on power, particularly his (for the record, Hillary Clinton isn’t much better).

Trump said of Snowden in 2013, “This guy is really doing damage to this country, and he’s also making us look like dopes.”

What do you think you’re making us look like right now, Mr. Trump?

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