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It only took a day for a woman to get fired for bashing Michelle Obama on social media

A woman’s disparaging remark about First Lady Michelle Obama following her Monday night address at the Democratic National Convention has landed her a pink slip.

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The now deleted tweet questioned Obama’s beauty and referred to her as an “ugly black b*tch.” A Facebook user took a screenshot and connected the “@millar15” Twitter account to a Facebook account belonging to Lisa Greenwood. That discovery turned up that Greenwood was a mortgage loan officer at Michigan-based Home Point Financial.

Facebook user Michael Hicks posted the images and noted in his caption “look at her job title,” “think of all the sh*tty things she’s done to other ‘black b*tches’ she’s encountered in her work.” That’s when social media sprang into action.

Hicks’ post was shared more than 8,800 times.

High Point Financial took note of the tweet and announced Tuesday afternoon, via Facebook, that Greenwood had been fired. The statement noted that the company holds true to its “We Care philosophy” that its “responsibilities extend beyond the workplace and into our communities.”

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Fans of the company cheered it for taking a public stance, but also want it to ensure Greenwood did not discriminate in her loan-issuing practices.

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