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Tim Kaine is the perfect vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton announced that Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia would be her vice presidential running mate, progressive groups were left in a state of despair.

To core Bernie Sanders supporters, the Kaine pick was a not-so-subtle slap in the face – a message from Clinton that all the work progressives did over the past 12 months didn’t mean a damn thing to her campaign. A minority of Sanders delegates were so incensed about the Kaine pick that they threatened to cobble together enough signatures to challenge him on the convention floor as the vice presidential nominee. The effort failed without taking off, but it was yet another sign that leftists regard Kaine as an unacceptable centrist.

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Kaine helped himself tremendously last night by not only recognizing Sanders’ accomplishments during the Democratic primary—”we all should feel the Bern”—but also by reminding delegates and viewers that he has social justice activism in his blood.

You can tell Kaine is a humble guy. He’s not like some of his Senate colleagues who seek out press in the hallways to spew venom towards the other political party. His work in Honduras when he was in his twenties was a defining experience: it molded how he views the world and what the United States can do to make underdeveloped regions better. Unlike Donald Trump, Kaine grew up in a working class family of welders and union members, the very constituency that helped carry Bernie Sanders’ message across the country.

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Kaine is exactly what Hillary Clinton needs as a running mate. All of his colleagues like him, including Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who tweeted out his congratulations as soon as Clinton’s campaign made the announcement.

Kaine still has work to do to alleviate the concerns that progressive organizations have about his record, especially on trade (he voted in favor of Trade Promotion Authority legislation that eliminated the filibuster when trade deals are submitted for Senate review). He did, however, do a decent job making a first impression to the American people last night.

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