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I Asked Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Fans What Happened

Hillary Clinton’s national approval rating is at a stunningly low 39 percent, but you wouldn’t know that walking New York’s Union Square on Tuesday morning. There were hundreds of fans outside the Barnes and Noble, all still very much with her, all patiently waiting to get their copy of her new book, What Happened, signed by the former senator and secretary of state herself. Some had been in line since the night before, others had arrived in the wee hours of the morning. I overheard a woman in the bathroom explaining that her friends mocked her for getting a hotel room in Union Square just so she could get in line at 5 AM.

What Happened, which as its title indicates is an autopsy of the 2016 election, was always going to be controversial. Clinton blames a variety of factors for her shocking defeat—FBI Director James Comey, Russian interference, misogyny, as well as her own actions. But in the week before the book was released, her comments about primary opponent Bernie Sanders were the things that made the rounds on social media and late-night talk shows, resulting in a flare-up of the never-ending feud between the dreaded Bernie Bros and the insufferable Hillary Bots. …

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