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The national debt hit $20 trillion — but does anyone care?

Donald Trump may have small hands but from them have come some big milestones. Case in point, last week the president — after running a campaign on the central theme of unbalancing effete liberals in Washington — teamed up with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on a spending deal to keep the government open for three months and temporarily raise the debt ceiling. Conservatives complained, liberals sniggered, Trump supporters twisted themselves into pretzels, but no one mentioned the borrowing cost of the agreement: approximately $318 billion.

That was enough for the history books. When Trump micro-signed the legislation, the United States for the first time officially amassed $20 trillion in national debt. The 318 congressmen and 80 senators who who backed the deal are accomplices in this travesty, all the more so since the next fiscal expiration is now they strategically scheduled for December, when every Washington lawmaker will be antsy to skip town for the holidays. In other words, we’ll hit $21 trillion and $22 trillion, too, because even in a pan-Republican government, the political will to trim the budget doe not exist. …

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