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What It’s Like Living as a Crust Punk

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Drink, fight, and fuck… The spectacular degeneracy of singer-songwriter GG Allin—a putrid, bloodied, real-life Pig-Pen—springs to mind when you think “crust punk.” Crust punks (or gutter punks) are often maligned by the rest of society. Dirty, transient, and anti-authoritarian, they spurn capitalism for a hardscrabble alternative.

When Martine Blue was 24, she left her comfortable existence to follow a gutter punk that she fell in love with. For the next eight years, she lived the lifestyle—squatting in abandoned buildings, drinking, dumpster diving, shitting into bags, getting into fights, and traveling the world with her dog. Recently, she’s used those experiences as the basis for a fictional film, Hunting Pignut, which opens in Canada this week, and is set in the gutter punk scene. …

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