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Trump Is Already Trying To Find An Excuse To Skip The Debates

Trump Is Already Trying To Find An Excuse To Skip The Debates

It appears that Donnie is getting a little scared about having to debate Hillary Clinton in a few short weeks on actual, real, serious policy issues. His school yard taunts of “crooked Hillary” won’t work on a stage like they do on twitter. He can’t get around answering direct questions by deflection about her personality like he did when it was a stage of 16 candidates. The focus will be on him and her alone. And that terrifies him.

Nothing will make him look weaker than being bested by a woman who actually knows her stuff. And Hillary is an excellent debater. You can look back at the 2008 debates and she held her own quite well against the best the Democratic party had to offer. She is calm, poised, knowledgeable and most of all, she will get under Trump’s skin.

He sees the writing on the wall, as shown by his epic twitter meltdowns over the course of the DNC. He was tweeting twice as much with more spelling and grammar errors than ever before. His tweets also seemed to take on an almost manic tone to them, disjointed, angry, petulant. If he chooses to act like this on stage, all Hillary has to do is let him spiral, smile, stay calm and say to the audience “does this look Presidential to you?” and he will be done. Six simple words.

Trump tweeted this tweet last night, leading many to believe he is setting the stage for a quick exit from at least 2 of the 3 debates.

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