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Dairy Cows are ‘Raped’ to Produce Milk, Says PETA

The animal rights group, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), says dairy cows are raped to produce milk. The organization attempts to equate artificial insemination of farm animals to women being raped and human trafficking sex crimes. “When a human is forcibly and involuntarily violated sexually, it’s called ‘rape,’” PETA posted on their website announcement of a propaganda video. “When animals on factory farms are forcibly and involuntary violated sexually, it’s called “artificial insemination.” Female cows, pigs, and turkeys are routinely raped—their bodies are violated through artificial insemination.” The organization attempts to equate crimes against women to farming procedures necessary to provide food to people worldwide. PETA claims farmers use “rape racks” to artificially inseminate dairy cows to keep them producing milk. They claim the term “rape rack” is an industry term. However, a Google search of the term only brings up animal rights websites claiming it is an industry term. Joanna Lidback, a dairy farmer and mother from Vermont, told National Review, there is no such thing as a “rape rack.” “That’s a term created by vegan/animal activists,” Lidback explained. “Of course there are no rape racks.” Jodi Venema DeHate, a technician for the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance

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