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Rush: Why would the Russians want to help Trump win when they could wait and blackmail President Hillary?

Via the Daily Rushbo, it’s fair question. Limbaugh acknowledges the overwhelming consensus among cyberexperts that Russia hacked the DNC, but that fact alone doesn’t prove motive. If you’re the Kremlin and you’re playing the long game, he wonders, wouldn’t you be better off helping Hillary become president and then using what you have on her to extort her?

A question to answer a question: What makes you think they don’t have dirt on Trump and the RNC? The FSB is one of the world’s great cyberespionage shops. If they don’t already have closely held info on Trump’s business dealings, the contents of his inner circle’s emails, and whatever goodies are on the RNC’s servers, it’s only because they haven’t sought it yet. But maybe they do have it. And maybe what they have is juicier and more conducive to blackmail than what they have on Hillary. There’s a weird assumption floating around that because Russia did successfully hack the DNC and it’s now publicly known, that means they either didn’t try to hack other political actors or they tried and failed. I don’t know why anyone thinks that. They were poking around inside the DNC’s servers for a year. They’re probably reading Reince Priebus’s “ur awesome” texts to Trump right now. Given the timing of the DNC leak, they’re obviously picking their spots on when to show their hand. …

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