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GOP rep to John Kelly: Assange can prove Russia didn’t hack during the campaign — if Trump pardons him

The GOP representative is Dana Rohrabacher, a man so infamous for shilling for Russia that his own majority leader in the House “jokes” about him being on Putin’s payroll.

Imagine a Democratic congressman trying to broker a deal with the U.S. government on behalf of a “non-state hostile intelligence service” that’s looking to “take down America any way they can,” in the words of Mike Pompeo. Conservatives celebrated Chelsea Manning’s rescinded Harvard invitation this week by reminding her that she’s a scumbag who betrayed the country in airing its secrets, which is fair enough. But it was Wikileaks that received those secrets and published them. In the case of Edward Snowden, the DOJ allegedly believes Julian Assange played an “active role” in helping him disclose stolen classified material, which is why Assange and Rohrabacher are reportedly interested in a pardon now. If a Democrat were trying to ransom a character as shady as that, the GOP would go berserk. Trump himself would tweet about liberal “treason” for days. …

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