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Wow: Putin offered Trump full normalization of relations with Russia across all branches in March

I’m surprised that there are foreign-policy experts quoted here who think this was a fool’s errand by Putin driven by his misunderstanding of how the U.S. government works. Seems to me he understands how things work well enough and wanted to strike while the iron was hot. More than that, he was gambling that Trump’s interest in detente was so fervent that it might lead the impetuous new president to lunge at Moscow’s offer. Was that such a longshot gamble?

One other thing unmentioned: The fact that Trump didn’t take Putin up on his offer undercuts the idea of collusion between Team Trump and Russia. If it’s true that Trump’s campaign was coordinating with the Kremlin last year to sink Hillary then Putin obviously has evidence of it, and that evidence would probably sink Trump’s presidency. Trump would be in no position to turn down an “offer” of normalization from Moscow, whatever the political consequences domestically. The fact that he did means either that Putin doesn’t have leverage over him after all or, if you’re wedded to the collusion theory like Hillary Clinton is, that the offer of normalization was a ruse concocted by Putin for the express purpose of being rejected by Trump, to “prove” that he’s not under the Kremlin’s thumb. …

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